Mont-Blanc - France - Italie - Suisse
Sommet Mondial
du Trail
August, 26th - September, 1st 2019
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Photo : ©Yosuke Kashiwakura
Al Hajjar Mountains - Sultanate of Oman
by UTMB®
November 28th - 30th, 2019
One of the most beautiful places of the Arabic peninsula, featuring some of the most dramatic and varied scenery.With its dried mountains and scenic views Oman offers a rugged course over the varied and mountainous terrain of Jebel Akhdar, the famous Green Mountain.
Oman by UTMB® is a runner's dream – an Ultratrail along mountain top ridges, through villages, palm plantations, deep wadis and narrow gorges. The runners' journey lead them off the beaten tourist tracks, allowing them to explore the Sultanate's hidden gems that are located deep within its rugged, untouched landscapes.
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Photo : © Oman by UTMB® - Franck Oddoux
Yunnan - China
by UTMB®
March 21st - 23rd, 2020
A major event on the Asian trail-running calendar, as well as the standard-setting race for the continent. From its first edition, the theater for an incredible race between China's best trail runners and the current international elite.
Next to the border between China and Myanmar, Gaoligong Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stretch from the south to the north. Geographically the foothills of the Himalaya, the Mountains are a reservoir of great biodiversity, harboring some of the best-preserved forests in China.
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Photo : © Alexis Berg
Tierra del Fuego - Argentina
by UTMB®
April 2020
A new adventure in one of the last wild places on earth, Ushuaia: the world's southernmost city and the official capital of the Tierra del Fuego Province, Ushuaia is located along the coast of Beagle Channel, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
The event will offer several distances to run, including a 130km ultra. Each challenging course winds its way through the incredibly beautiful and wild landscapes that trail runners worldwide dream of - sub Antarctic forests, glaciers, lagoons, ridge crests, and rivers - in a sometimes thrilling natural environment where one often experiences all four seasons in a single day.
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Photo : © Ushuaia by UTMB®
Val d'Aran - Spain
Val d'Aran
by UTMB®
July 3rd - 5th, 2020
Val d'Aran, the essence of the Pyrenees, will offer its magnificent mountains and its well-known hospitality to host the newest international event “by UTMB”. It will consist of different trails and distances to run through one of the wildest parts of the Pyrenees. Val d'Aran is a valley which is facing the Atlantic Ocean, sitting in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, with peaks up to 3.000m, a unique climate and a strong heritage. More than 90% of its territory is made up of pure nature, most of it contained within the National Park “Aigüestortes i Estany de San Maurici”. The race will include summits, ridges, lakes, rivers and charming villages; a global course in a unique habitat of the Pyrenees and Europe.
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Photo : © Jose Miguel Muñoz Egea